Roscoe Wind Farm

Roscoe Wind Farm is owned and operated by E.ON Climate and Renewable, which is the world’s largest wind farm with six hundred and twenty seven wind turbines and a total installed capacity of 781.5 MW Horse Hollow Wind power Center. Roscoe Wind Farm is located at Roscoe, Texas, USA. The cost of this project is more than $1 billion and generates enough power for more than 250,000 Texas homes. It covers nearly 100,000 acres of area, and is located about 200 miles and spans parts of four Texas Counties. Roscoe Wind Farm is renowned as one of the most famous wind farms in the world.

Construction of this wind farm began in May 2007 and it started its operations in October 2009. This project was built in four phases, which has 627 wind turbines supplied by Mitsubishi, Siemens AG and General Electric. The height of wind turbines ranges between 350 ft to 415 ft, and stand 900 ft apart. Out of 627 wind turbines installed, 209 were the Mitsubishi 1000A model, with a rated output of 1MW.

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