Crookwell Wind Farm

Crookwell wind farm is situated at Crookwell town in the west direction of Goulburn city of popular state New South Wales in Australia. Crookwell wind farm was built by Pacific Power in 1998 and was the first grid- connected wind farm in Australia. During that time it was the biggest wind farm in Australia. Crookwell wind farm consists of eight turbines, each having a height of 45 meters and rotors having a diameter of more than 44 meters. Each turbine possesses a capacity of 600kW of power and a total generation of 4.8MW of power. The total power output of 4.8 Mega Watts is enough to meet the average electricity demand of around 4,000 homes.

Crookwell wind farm produces electricity by saving around 80,000 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide emission. Crookwell town was selected for the construction of wind farm due to its good flow of wind.

The turbines of Crookwell wind farm are protected by a lightning protection system.The turbines of Crookwell wind farm automatically gets started when wind speed is greater than 15 km/hr and shuts down when wind speed is greater than 72 km/hr. Crookwell wind farm currently supplies electricity to the “Green Power” customers of Country Energy and is owned by Eraring Energy.

Accommodations at Crookwell: -

Pinn Cottage-

2 Prospect Street, Crookwell,

New South Wales 2583

Pinn Cottage is the nineteenth century beautiful cottage in the rural town of Crookwell. This cottage makes a perfect romantic getaway or country retreat. It also cater for all holiday experiences such as – family friendly accommodation, one night bookings welcome, school accommodation booking, Valentine Day specials, winter getaways and executive rentals.

Sunnymount Cottage

Old Binda Road, Crookwell,

New South Wales 2583

Sunnymount Cottage is a self catered cottage and has fabulous views. This cottage has a lot to offer and one can happily relax in this cottage due to its comfortable accommodation.

Upland Pastures Motor Inn

Corner Laggan and Oram Street,

Crookwell, New South Wales

Located on a quiet road and not far away from the town of Crookwell, the Upland Pastures Motor Inn is a friendly motel. This motel possesses modern style accommodation in every twin rooms, triple rooms and family rooms.

Gundowringa Historic Country Homestead

Goulburn Road, Crookwell,

New South Wales

Gundowringa is a wonderful homestead from last 100 years in Crookwell and have large tennis court and swimming pool. It also offers many leisure facilities such as: - Open fireplace, beautiful gardens, TV/Lounge area etc. It has stunning views of the morning sun as well as the commanding views of the river valley.

Rosemead Cottage

Goulburn St, Crookwell,

New South Wales

Rosemead Cottage is a beautiful cottage situated just three minutes away from Crookwell Township. This cottage features fireplace, two double rooms and is fully self-contained. Rosemead cottage offers luxurious stay, continental breakfast and modern conveniences such as selection of music, DVDs and books.

Things to do at Crookwell: -

Crookwell Country Festival-

Crookwell Country Festival is a traditional country festival which has been going for 25 years. Every year on the first Saturday of March this festival is held. This festival has CWA displays, quilt displays, book sales, vintage car static displays, market stalls, line dancing, entertainment and live music.

Pinelea Ostrich Farm: -

The Ostrich Farm is a beautiful farm located in Old Binga Road at Crookwell.

Doonkuna Orchard: -

One can visit Doonkuna Orchard where varieties of cherries, pears and apples are grown.

Christmas Shop: -

Christmas Shop in Crookwell is a very lovely shop and is worth watching. It has all kind of decorations and variety of “handmade” stuff from huge outdoor artifacts to indoor decorations.

Minnamurra Farm Stay: -

This is an award winning farm stay with many cattle and sheep farm, farm activities and farm tours. It offers activities such as walking, fishing and tennis.

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